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The Power of Now

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Weekend's a waiting

I feel happy today. Very happy. Aware of how life is changing and moving so quickly. Its October already and today there's a grand quintile of planets (www.grandquintiles.co.uk), an auspicious day, more of those to come all this month.
Its as if I'm on a magic carpet lately, everything is falling into place. Even starting this blob or should I say blog is timely. A coming out to the world, opening myself to others, being seen, see me even though it scares the crap out of me.
Aware of being grateful: as you think you are.
Anyways the weekend is here and another incredible social time is planned. I've spent the whole bloody day online, feverishing learning and being guided serendipitously from one place to another in cyberspace, its like getting lost but loving it. Finding yourself in a different area all the time.
I realise with my social life increasing that it feels symbolic on some level that I am ready to BE with people. I don't think trust has come easily to me but I've only been aware of it recently. Life is bloody exciting. I'm not sure why this has happened recently but in my life there have been three eureka moments from being exposed to a book or a concept and when ready I've taken it and run with it. First time was in the early 80s after my mum had died and the spirit world made itself known and I spent most of my weekends channeling with all these old dears who were old enough to be my grandmother. Louise Hay (www.hayhouse.com) and her How to Heal Your Life came into my life and totally flipped it on its side. I'm sure many can relate to that.
Second was reading Seth Speaks in the early 80s as well. That book blew my mind apart. It was like trying to stuff 100 grapes into a bag that could only fit 50. My psyche and self were knowing on some level I KNEW this stuff but this young 20 something hadn't the experience to really take it in.
And now my third eureka period, some 20 years later, wow!
Reading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (www.eckharttolle.com) was a book I'd seen for at least a year and the title didn't grab me, until I was ready for its simple message. Be here Now. Ram Dass had said it years before, but most of us weren't ready. I was ready.
Since that time a year or so ago, my life hasn't been the same. I feel like instead of my life being the stream that I kept looking at, dipping my toe in and still clinging to the edge, I slowly slipped into the stream of life instead of resisting and clinging. The resistance was slipping away and I was slipping into another life.
When the student is ready the teacher appears.
I think many people could read that book or any other and won't be affected as such. Its happened to me many many times. I've read thousands of books and thousands have touched me, but I think there's these doors we go through in our growth and once through them life is never the same. Hip Hip Hooray. Here's to the new life, the renaissance, the real me that longs to be seen and say hello to the world!


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