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The Power of Now

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Monday, April 09, 2007

The wonderful delicious result of the Secret

Feeling down and out? Feeling like all the desiring and wanting isn't working? Just watch this video and really enjoy the high vibe good feeling from seeing our intended future NOW.

Love ya
Lise xxx

PS. Thanks to Malcolm Cohan, a Sydney based LOA Practitioner who's doing wonderful things with visuals and music. http://www.malcolmcohan.com

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Secret has started to awaken those little buds of consciousness

I signed onto Google alerts a few weeks ago, The Secret and Law of Attraction being two I was interested in. Wowee, that is an amazing service and the fun thing is, some of the comments I've made elsewhere on the net come up in the searches, talking about egosurfing (remember that search you could do years ago?).

The Secret has gone off! Thank you Oprah, you've now done the work of law of attraction and the secret is now no longer that but it is resonating through the consciousness of the planet, opening up everyone to bloody good stuff!

For me, who read Seth Speaks (that's who Esther & Jerry Hicks of Abraham Hicks followed) by Jane Roberts in the 70s, this is the ultimate. My desired reality is starting to form right before my eyes. People are waking up to their god/goddess selves and realising that feeling good is great. And all that stuff about what you think creates your reality. I've known that in my heart of hearts for years but never really mixed with people who vibed exactly like that. Well there were the astrologers, flower essence practitioners, herbalists, etc but I seemed to shy away from 'my kind', still not sure why.

Its only been in the last 2 years that I've really opened to PEOPLE and CONNECTION. After having the leanest year in my life in 2006, self created of course, I realised that 'stuff' whilst wonderful was not the be all and end all in life. I've always said to others 'imagine your life if you had everything you physically wanted, no bills to worry about, it was all taken care of, all the struggle, survival issues, poof they're gone'. When you really take that in, it can feel odd and scary. I've often felt like that but for me its very exciting. The Secret can make you become aware of what you're not conscious of.

I realised that I had a conscious dislike of people (distrust) though you'd never have guessed. It was only in the last few years that I really started to realise it and then last year without any savings, both my partner and I scraping the barrel (we did say once that to be millionaires we'd like to know what it feels like to be poor, poof your wish is my command and it happens). Yet what I realised was that for all the great stuff you can have, its not what you take with you everywhere, its the people and the experiences with those people that make you smile and really resonate.

I'm really enjoying my newfound desire to 'be' with people more, reach out, connect instead of wanting to hide away. No I'm not an introvert, far from it but I think I had lived as an extrovert who was an introvert pretending to be an extrovert. Make sense? Now I'm more the real me. Mmmmm feels good.

Thank you for finding this post, I'd love to hear what you have to say, connect with me, let me know you've bumped into my consciousness from wherever you are!

Love lots
Lise xxx


Monday, March 19, 2007

Randy Gage & Agel enter my life

This is what I love, Change! So I still want that dream of travelling, mixing with people who have that same passion and I've been asking myself, the Universe, guides, angels, everyone to help me rekindle that passion/belief I had when I was a wee little gal, I think I snuffed it out after so wanting to win a pony in the Sunday Telegraph in the 70s. Did I ever dream about that pony, imagined her coming down the drive my pony, well it didn't happen and that's another story and like many of us our dreams as children were snuffed out, not always for nefarious reasons but physical life sometimes places those restrictions, it makes us stronger, like the butterfly coming out of the pupae, we need that resistance to strengthen us and make us who we are.

Anyways, through a series of synchronicities, along comes Randy Gage, very cool guy who's stuff I always love reading, started reading his book 'Why You're Sick Dumb & Broke', it rocks and I smile as I read it, knowing I've found yet another vibe mate in my world. Realised he'd come back out of retirement (didn't realise that), not bad for a guy just a year older than me, the guy is a multimillionaire (yes please) and he's aligned with this product called Agel. What the heck is Agel says I. So the passionate researcher does everything she can to find out.

Long story short, find an English lass called Rachel who's actually involved with Agel and is in his downline. Yes this is network marketing and she is gorgeous and I get a very good vibe from her and think, I need to take the plunge, this is the next door, I've been asking the Universe for stuff and its here in the form of Rachel who signs Mez and I as Agel Team Members.

Whacko one day later is a Go Diamond Agel conference here in Melbourne with all the most amazing people, including Randy Gage himself. There we were reading about the guy and next minute we're spending time with him, its a blast!

We are so damned excited, my skin is quivering, why? Not coz I'm meeting this hugely successful guy but I can see how the law of attraction is working. I get a free ticket to the event (which btw is very very reasonably priced) meet all these amazing like minded people who want a LIFE vs SURVIVAL and I can't sleep. I've never been like this, oh may be when I was a kid learning to do cartwheels and my heart is pumping like crazy because I feel alive and excited and passionate and well really on track. It all feels so good. I feel like I have a dartboard to throw at instead of throwing the darts and them flying off to nothingsville!

What can Agel do for me & Mez? Well I love the products, they taste super (we only have three here at present in Australia ~ EXO, FIT & UMI), the whole set up of the organisation is so tuned into sharing the wealth to everyone. Yes it takes drive, desire and determination but you know what? I'm doing that every day getting up going to work, you know that four lettered word, where you act like a robot 5 days a week, get up, have breakfast, 8 hours, drone like, come home, do whatever, go to bed and repeat the same bloody boring steps.

Right now I'm actually enjoying work because there's a means to it all, there's a raison d'etre and its exciting and every day I'm at w-o-r-k I realise with glee that I'm doing it to create the business/life of my dreams.

If you are interested knowing more, drop me a line or check out Joinagel.info or Globalagelonline.com

Anyway, love yas!

Lise xxx


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I love this photo of me! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 23, 2006

Live What You Love

My passion for the Caribbean lead me tonight to Live What You Love, a book by Bob & Mel Blanchard, a couple who moved from Vermont to Anguilla in the Caribbean. Here's an excerpt from their book:

Ten Tips to LWYL
Living what you love is a mind-set. It’s an attitude. Approach life with a bit of idealism and the possibilities are endless.1) Have an Idea? Give it a Day - Identify your dreams. Allow your mind to discover your passions, consider the possibilities and identify what brings you joy, laughter and happiness. Have you ever spent a full day thinking about your dreams and goals? Have you ever given those dreams the focus and attention they deserve? Schedule a day to consider the possibilities. Remove yourself from telephones, e-mail and other distractions. Go for a drive in the country or a walk in the woods, but make sure it lasts a whole day.2) Prioritize - Living what you love does not always mean quitting your job and running off to paradise. Perhaps you sense that something is missing yet you aren’t looking for a major transformation. Maybe it’s as simple as figuring out a way to go horseback riding once a month or start writing a book you’ve been thinking about for years.Consider how you can squeeze a little more passion into your life. It’s usually just a matter of evaluating your priorities and coming up with a plan. Put your plan in writing and you’re on your way.3) Have Courage – Changes big and small involve some level of risk. It’s scary – even for us! But the path of least resistance usually offers the least reward. So, how do you find the courage to take a risk? If you think about it, the real risk is letting life steer itself. Have the courage to do something that makes you feel alive. Something that makes you grow, learn and discover new things. You will never know if you can do something until you try.4) Use Your Experiences – Life experiences have purpose, meaning and significance. You just have to stop, look, and examine what your own experiences can show you. Remember that no experience is required to gain experience. You just have to live with your eyes wide open so you don’t miss a thing. Think about experiences you’ve had or people you’ve met that may be helpful in making a change.5) Tie Your Dreams to Reality – Develop a step-by-step plan and your dream will start to feel more like reality. Do your homework and figure out exactly what needs to be done. Once you map out a path that feels right for you, you’ll be ready to take the first step. 6) Consider the Big 4 – There are four checkpoints that need to be in order … Passion, People, Environment and Money. Are you in the right location to follow your dream? Are you surrounding yourself with people who support you in your quest? Do you have the passion? Do you have the resources to make these adjustments? To move toward a life you love, all four of these need to be in place.7) Trust It or Adjust It – Feelings – instinct and intuition – should be at the core of your life. To succeed in living a life you love, you need to completely believe in what you are doing. Taking risks is easier when you believe in your decisions. If something doesn’t feel right, reevaluate the situation and adjust it. 8) If You Want It, Make It – Living what you love requires action. Action is the first step toward commitment to a project. It can turn your fear of change into excitement about your future. Each day is an opportunity to accomplish something, big or small, and each accomplishment adds to the rush of making it happen.9) Remember – The joy in living a life you love is remembering it. Material things come and go but the memory remains. Each day becomes a treasure if you live a life worth remembering. Reflect upon all of the memories you have created and see which ones stick out the most. Chances are, those will be the ones that guide you in the future.10) Live What You Love - Follow your heart. Follow your passion. Spend your time doing the things you really care about surrounded by people you love.

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Do you know the delicious feeling of sleeping or at least thinking about sleeping. I've always, up until recently, been a big sleeper. Love my bed, the comfort of it, the desire to be somewhere else I guess. My dad said I had 'mattress on arse' syndrome. I put it down to the fact that I didn't much like my family or school life so I did escape into sleeping 12 hours at a time. The thought of that now makes me feel claustrophobic and what a waste of time.
I can see I'm getting older with the last comment.
Now I really like sleeping 6-7 hours a night, if I sleep more I feel worse than being overtired.
Things I've been reading lately have guided me to this being the best way for you to get on in your day. Apparently if it were possible, to have two lots of sleep, power naps are much better than one huge sleep from 10 till 7 the next morning. Its too long a time for your body to be incapacitated in bed.
Anyway I'm trying it. But then my lifestyle has changed. I started running 6 months ago. I love it, though sometimes couldn't be stuffed. First time for doing exercise in well forever. I can run about kilometre now, its still a little hard but it feels great to realise you can run and see how much further you get everytime.
I think both things are great for my body and mind.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

These are a few of my favourite things

Art and Artists - Cocteau, Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky & Miro
Colour - lots of it!
Foreign cultures and peoples and places
Travelling on planes first class
The Internet
Moleskines (www.moleskinerie.com)
People who care and make a difference
People who live outside the square
Turquoise water and white soft sand
Reef fish
Books ~ their smell, touch and character
English crime series
Self help cards
Abraham-Hicks (www.abraham-hicks.com)
Beauty of all kinds
Music that makes your soul move
Anything that moves you
Writing with beautiful pens
Shopping with a purpose
Mink blankets
Dr Hauschka