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The Power of Now

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Is Time Really Speeding up?

A friend said to me they couldn't believe they had only 2 months to go before they go to Europe. And then I thought, is it really 10 months since Mez and I were having Xmas dinner with Sal & Jen in the beautiful warm Sydney weather, lobster, oysters, prawns, champagne and a little piece of heaven?
I don't think time is going faster, I know it is. And its not just coz I'm getting older.
I really feel we are on the magic carpet ride to 2012.
I heard about 2012, speeding up time, ascension, ascended masters and the ashtar command in the late 80s, after I got back from living in the UK. I found a magazine Connecting Link, an American mag dedicated to all the above. Connecting Link no longer is published but with the internet you can find everything you want on the above.

So aside from this for a minute, this blogging thing is all new to me. I've written in diaries and letters for years but I'm not sure how this is going to work out. I don't want some boring monologue of me writing my thoughts. I'd like to add pics etc. Make it really amazing to read and look at.

OK, so to me the world is an amazing place. The world is changing. I think the internet has changed everything, its opened us to connection. Its symbolic how its called the web, like a network that connects us all. I feel one day we'll all be telepathic with each other. Just as Star Trek has forseen all that has come to pass now, we are in a huge change place. And life is getting very very exciting....