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The Power of Now

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Randy Gage & Agel enter my life

This is what I love, Change! So I still want that dream of travelling, mixing with people who have that same passion and I've been asking myself, the Universe, guides, angels, everyone to help me rekindle that passion/belief I had when I was a wee little gal, I think I snuffed it out after so wanting to win a pony in the Sunday Telegraph in the 70s. Did I ever dream about that pony, imagined her coming down the drive my pony, well it didn't happen and that's another story and like many of us our dreams as children were snuffed out, not always for nefarious reasons but physical life sometimes places those restrictions, it makes us stronger, like the butterfly coming out of the pupae, we need that resistance to strengthen us and make us who we are.

Anyways, through a series of synchronicities, along comes Randy Gage, very cool guy who's stuff I always love reading, started reading his book 'Why You're Sick Dumb & Broke', it rocks and I smile as I read it, knowing I've found yet another vibe mate in my world. Realised he'd come back out of retirement (didn't realise that), not bad for a guy just a year older than me, the guy is a multimillionaire (yes please) and he's aligned with this product called Agel. What the heck is Agel says I. So the passionate researcher does everything she can to find out.

Long story short, find an English lass called Rachel who's actually involved with Agel and is in his downline. Yes this is network marketing and she is gorgeous and I get a very good vibe from her and think, I need to take the plunge, this is the next door, I've been asking the Universe for stuff and its here in the form of Rachel who signs Mez and I as Agel Team Members.

Whacko one day later is a Go Diamond Agel conference here in Melbourne with all the most amazing people, including Randy Gage himself. There we were reading about the guy and next minute we're spending time with him, its a blast!

We are so damned excited, my skin is quivering, why? Not coz I'm meeting this hugely successful guy but I can see how the law of attraction is working. I get a free ticket to the event (which btw is very very reasonably priced) meet all these amazing like minded people who want a LIFE vs SURVIVAL and I can't sleep. I've never been like this, oh may be when I was a kid learning to do cartwheels and my heart is pumping like crazy because I feel alive and excited and passionate and well really on track. It all feels so good. I feel like I have a dartboard to throw at instead of throwing the darts and them flying off to nothingsville!

What can Agel do for me & Mez? Well I love the products, they taste super (we only have three here at present in Australia ~ EXO, FIT & UMI), the whole set up of the organisation is so tuned into sharing the wealth to everyone. Yes it takes drive, desire and determination but you know what? I'm doing that every day getting up going to work, you know that four lettered word, where you act like a robot 5 days a week, get up, have breakfast, 8 hours, drone like, come home, do whatever, go to bed and repeat the same bloody boring steps.

Right now I'm actually enjoying work because there's a means to it all, there's a raison d'etre and its exciting and every day I'm at w-o-r-k I realise with glee that I'm doing it to create the business/life of my dreams.

If you are interested knowing more, drop me a line or check out Joinagel.info or Globalagelonline.com

Anyway, love yas!

Lise xxx